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's an interesting scene near phoenix. >> reporter: arizona's governor predicts a long battle to the u.s. supreme court. >> we are disappointed but we did what we wanted. we got the injunction. i will still means, as you well know that the lawsuit will continue to move forward and the merits of case will be heard. >> reporter: but, first the injunction against the key provisions come to the 9th circuit court of appeal, its hub in san francisco, its judges spread across several states. >> that's biggest circuit in the country by far. so we have a lot of action out on the west coast. it's not surprising that the 9th circuit is as controversial as it is. >> reporter: historically considered a level-leaning court, that's gradually eased and in the first appeal stage, only three judges hear arguments. >> its all depends on who the three judges are. they are not short on some very conservative judges. their ruling can be appealed to an 11-judge panel. most believe that arizona has an uphill fight. >> a state statute that enters into congress' area and interference with foreign policy of the united stat
with the irs and it's not the first time the tax man has taken issue with him. >>> the u.s. is trying to find two missing servicemen that the taliban has claimed to have captured. we'll have the latest on the war in afghanistan, coming up. >>> and rescue workers in china desperately search for victims of a landslide. why chinese officials are expecting more devastating weather, next in the news of the world. >>> price of gasoline has picked up slightly over the last few weeks. a new survey of gas stations released today shows the price of regular unleaded rose to $2.73 nationally, an increase of almost a penny. in the bay area, over the last month, prices rose about 2 to 3- cents a gallon. average price in oakland is $3.18. in san francisco, it's $3.24. and in san jose, it's $3.17. >>> oil giant bp confirmed it will begin drilling off the coast of libya in the next few weeks. the deep water drilling will take place in the gulf of serta, amid major concerns over bp's environmental and safety record after the gulf of mexico oil spill. the deal also follows reports that bp lobbied for the releas
despite the fact that a u.s. district judge in phoenix stopped some of the most controversial provisions of the bill from taking effect. >> stopping people with probable cause, turning them over to i.c. e. she didn't restroke that. >> reporter: including the portion that included police to revoke immigration status if they think the person they stopped on a crime is in the country illegally. several protesters who were ready to be arrested were stopped. some in new york city staged their own showing of solidarity. >> we have more than appetite for is comprehensive immigration reform. that secures our border and forces our laws, protects our workers, unites our families and has a path to legalization. >> reporter: and despite the well publicized protest, recent polls show that almost half of californians and the majority of americans support the arizona immigration law. rob roth is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: we're in the foothill boulevard overpass, this is where dozens of people are expected to rally in support of arizona immigration bill. if you have already arrived,
of washington this morning. tens of thousands of confidential u.s. military records posted on line. what secrets are revealed. we will have the story when the morning news continues. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event. a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer. >>> good morning to you. look back. a short final ago the founder of the wicki leaks website said there appears to be evidence of war crimes in the more than 90,000 classified u.s. military records posted on line. scott mcfarlane has late details live this morning in our washington, d.c. bureau, scott, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. really an unprecedented release of military information and as you m
it but by this time tomorrow it is widely expected tony hayward will be out as the company's ceo. u.s. government sources confirm the oil giant is replacing the embattled executive whose handling of the oil disaster became a pr disaster. ktvu's deborah villalon is live with who is said to be replacing him. deborah? >> reporter: well, his ouster has been rumored before, maureen but this time it seems solid. tony hayward will get his life back after all. >> there is no one wants this over i would like my life back. >> reporter: his most infamous gaff the big chief in the early weeks of the disaster also called it a small spill compared to the size of the gulf. and said he didn't believe scientists who detected large plumes of oil polluting down deep. >> he went -- right after the explosion he went out and he has been dealing with the response ever since. >> reporter: just last month bp's chairman was still defending hayward even as he replaced him with american executive bob dudly as the point man on cleanup. dudly could now succeed hayward as ceo. >> mr. hayward this is a picture of an oiled pelic
death rate. pakistan denied the accusation. the u.s. state department says the documents do not represent what is currently going on. >> the fact that these are several years old, does not change our concern that this action risks our national security. the white house says -- wicki says it has another 15,000 jobs for future release. >> the war funding bill creates a dip lem ma for those opposed in the war. the bill is set to come up for a vote before congress leaves at the end of this week for its six-week summer recess. >>> city officials in san jose want to put a measure on the november ballot that would seek approval for a 10% tax on medical marijuana. if approved, the 10% tax would be highest marijuana tax in the state. opponents of the plan say the tax would put an undue burden on marijuana patients. the san jose city council is set to discuss the matter. the deadline to get this on the ballot is august 3rd. >>> the price of gas is up but only slightly in the last week. the latest survey from triple-a shows the national average is 2.74. that's an increase of about 2- c
is convicted. both suspects are due in court next week. >>> >>> the u.s. economy had the weakest growth in almost a year. the commerce department said the gross domestic product grew 2.4% in april, may and june. that is down from 3.7% revised number. weaker consumer spending and less growth from companies rebuilding inventories are seen as the main factor for the drop in growth. >>> the transit labor dispute is heading to court today. the judge may decide whether or not to overturn a contract that was imposed on transit employees. the contract changed work rules and shifted hours. that angered a lot of bus drivers who have been accused of staging a sickout. they say they need concessions from the union to reduce the budget deficit. they say if the judge reinstates the old contracts, all weekend transit service could be eliminated. >>> all right. time is 7:08. >>> yesterday we had call train delays. do we have them today. >> we do furtherly. we have a train that's been cancelled. i'm looking at the e-mail sent from cal train. let me pull this up here. it is train 309. it has been cancell
reports from washington. >> reporter: it could be the largest leak of classified u.s. information ever. more than 90,000 documents of raw intelligence relating to the war in afghanistan now available for anyone to see on the website. the founder of the antiwar group says the document reveal abuses by u.s. and coalition forces and perhaps even war crimes. >> if governments don't like populations being upset they should treat them better, not conceal abuses. >> reporter: a official is calling the documents a mix of rumor and second hand information. they detail a variety of assessments about incidents over the last six years involving friendly fire, civilian casualties and intelligence officials from pakistan, a u.s. alley cooperating with taliban extremists. >> it is not the content as much as it is there are names, there are operations, there is logistics, there is sources, all of that information out in a public way has the potential, ed, to do harm. >> reporter: it wasn't necessary to have this out there and really it doesn't tell you that much more than we didn't already know, that
has been pushed back to july 21st. >>> the u.s. army released the name of a soldier from napa who was killed wednesday in afghanistan. chase stanley was one of several soldiers that died. >>> lawmakers in sacramento have passed and the governor has already signed into law a law that will make bart supervisors more responsible. >> reporter: greater trans transparency was used in describing the new law. >> doing nothing was not an option. >> reporter: the new law authored by sandra swanson and signed by governor arnold schwarzenegger appoints an independent auditor. it also creates an 11 member citizen review board to recommend disciplinary action. >> this is a new page in bart's history. >> reporter: the new law is the latest change at bart is the shooting death of oscar grant the iii by mehserle about a year and a half ago. >> things that go wrong prior to this, the bart police department did it themselves. it was our own internal affairs. after january of 2009, that had to stop. >> it gives us another place to go, they look at our training, they look at our policy. they look at
at the white house today. it is the prime minister's first official visit to the u.s. as the prime minister. alison burns joining us live in our washington, d.c. bureau with paul the details. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, dave. just ten weeks after becoming prime minister britain's david cammer ron comes to the white house this morning. he met with president obama at the g-8 summit in canada last month. today they take on two high stakes immediate issues, bp and afghanistan. on afghanistan president obama will press cameron for continued support. the prime minister has said he wants all troops out by 2015. >> i think both they and we have said we will not be there forever. we have to stand up an afghan national squirt force, an army and police. >> reporter: on camera he has been uncomfortable with the hash grilling of bp executives over the oil spill. it is europe's second largest energy company and cameron will emphasize today that it needs to survive. cameron is also going to be talking about bp here on capitol hill with members of congress. reporting live from washingt
and their drivers. >> reporter: i am scott mcfarlane live in washington, tens of thousands of classified u.s. military records are leaked on line. what secrets are revealed. what the white house has to say about it. >> good morning, westbound 92, san mateo bridge traffic heading well out to the pence. we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughou reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence >>> welcome back. 5:13. the white house is now reacting to the on-line release of sensitive government documents on the war in afghanistan. the 90,000 u.s. military records give a blow-by-blow account of six years of the war. scott mcfarlane has details t morning from our washington, d.c. news room. good morning, scott. >> reporter: and good morning to you. in a statement the white house says it condemns the release of these document, saying it, puts lives of americans at risk. the website involved is called the wicki leaks. you see it on your screen ri
's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence >>> three u.s. troops died in afghanistan, making that the deadliest month for u.s. forces in the war. nato says the three latest casualties died in two separate blasts. in southern afghanistan. commanders had previously warned the number of deaths could increase as the military ramps up its war on the taliban. >>> the fbi is helping track down those responsible for leaking more than 90,000 pages of classified documents on the war. they showed up open the wicki leaks website and alison burns is live now in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on this story. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we do have some new information this morning. the 22-year-old soldier suspected of leaking more than 90,000 documents from afghanistan has been moved from ku wait to the military base at virginia about 25 miles from us here on capitol hill. the fbi also has a base there and is on the case now. defense secretary bob gates and joint chiefs chairman called the leak of these secret documents deeply da
. >> how do i feel? i feel optimistic. >>> a bay area mother with a lot of stake reacts to the u.s. plans to retrieve troops from afghanistan. >>> they say they feel vindicated. tonight, people who carry weapons legally say they have won when it comes to a police officer and the controversial comments he made about the open carry movement. lloyd lacuesta is live tonight with our report. >> reporter: the police detective of palo alto released this comment tonight. that the officer participated in misbehavior when he commented on open carry. if one of them makes a further movement, two weeks off. >> the fact that an officer would be joking about something like that, putting a person at risk by putting him at gunpoint and going so far as to say, get a bullet in them to enjoy two weeks of paid vacation, that's going a little too far. >> reporter: s h hahab protested -- shahab protested tonight because the group feels that the city is taking too long. >> those comments have been found to be sustained and it did violate department policy. >> reporter: the officer may get suspension but not term
of the highest in the country, possibly due to the layoffs of thousands of temporary census workers. the u.s. senate it just approved another extension of unemployment benefits today for those unemployed americans. yesterday, president obama criticized republicans who have repeatedly voted against the measure. this morning, nancy pelosi said unemployment insurance is an important stimulus for the economy. >> it's responsible for citation of millions of jobs because people who get unemployment surance need it. they spend the money immediately. it injects demand into the economy and it creates jobs. >> reporter: today's vote happened after new senator goodwin was sworn in. he provided the 60th vote needed to break the filibuster. the house will take up the bill tomorrow. president obama is likely to sign it into law by week's end. >>> actress lindsay lohan is now playing the role of a jailhouse prisoner. [ chanting ] >>> protesters just staged a die-in outside the office of nancy pelosi. they say the issue is a matter of life or death. >>> will the bay area's cooler- than-normal temperatures c
only. at least one other u.s. city, chicago, allows non-citizens to vote in school board elections. >>> coming up with -- what the incident commander is saying about that capped oil well in the gulf and the signs that some oil is still leaking out. >> dramatic and expensive coastal erosion. the new technology that now may help prevent this from happening again. that story is still ahead. if [trumpet playing "reveille" throughou reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence . >>> federal officials have given b. the okay to leave the valves closed on that containment cap on top of a broken oil well in the gulf of mexico, in spite of signs of leakage. national incident commander allan said the seepage is not a page concern, including one leak coming from the containment cap itself. >> the leak age is occurring in a flange just located right about here. there is no indication at this time that this is any indication of a significant problem in the well bore. we think that was going to
. it is his first official visit to the u.s. alison burns joins us from our washington, d.c. newsroom with a preview of what is on their agenda. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, pam. defending bp, britain's new prime minister will be in bp's corner asly meets with president obama this morning. they met in canada last month but this is their first white house meeting. he will make the case while bp is responsible for the oil spill the company needs to survive. it is europe's second largest energy companand its failure could be more devastating for the economy. he has been uncomfortablwith the hash grilling of executives by u.s. officials. president obama has his own agenda today emphasizing u.s. resolve in afghanistan and pressing cameron for continued support. cameron has said he wants all troops out by 2015. president obama had said he wants to start pulling out troops next summer. support is waning in both countries and president obama wants to emphasize today that success is still possible. the two leaders will be in meetings for most of the day and hold a news conf
of meg whitman. >> reporter: san m ateo's county aferton is one of the most wealthy communities in the u.s. today its quiet streets were anything but. according to the cna the california nurses association, more than 1,100 nurses protested outside the home of the billionaire republican candidate for governor meg whitman. this is what the long line of protesters looked from the air. this is whitman's house. yelling on the streets outside her front fence, a cna actress dressed at queen mega. >> i wish they would stop chattering. >> reporter: and the heavy police presence to keep the streets riot free. >> she didn't bother to vote in 28 years. >> reporter: whitman's announced plans to lay off 40,000 state workers and streamline business and labor rules would undoubtedly hurt nurses. >> the nurses, nurses take care of the most vulnerable. >> reporter: whitman wasn't home today, she was campaigning in southern california. but her campaign put us in touch with two nurses who say whitman would be good for rn's. >> reporter: you support whitman? >> yes, from the beginning. >> she means a whole sta
more on your forecast coming up. >>> 7:14. the u.s. government is allowing the cap to remain on bp's ruptured well and there are new plans being discussed for another attempt to permanently seal the well. the government says although engineers have found some seepage from the newly installed cap, it's not significant enough to order bp to open the cap. bp and government officials are also clothing the idea of a new operation to plug the well called a static kill. it's similar to the top kill operation that failed almost two months ago. but some scientists say there's less pressure in the well right now so it might succeed. >>> right now, in louisiana, it is day two of a five-day hearing looking into the circumstances around the explosion and sinking of the "deepwater horizon" rig on april 20th. testifying now, these are live pictures, is a bp executive who was in charge of the op ranges on the -- operations on "the deepwater horizon." two others are also scheduled to testify. >>> bp is sure to be a hot topic at the white house today as well. the new british prime minister, david ca
that would allow american citizens to bring foreign-born same-sex partners back home to the u.s. >>> critics see this as just a ploy to get more people on the amnesty ban wagon. >> our view is if you fall in love with somebody, you can fall in love with them where they are. that's for straight or gay. >> it's all about keeping families together. it's all about treating people equally. >> reporter: in washington, carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> several latin-american country want to join mexico in supporting a lawsuit challenging arizona's new immigration law. bolivia, columbia, el salvador, guatemala, nicaragua, paraguay and peru filed separate but nearly identical motions today. the countries agree with mexico, saying the arizona law would lead to racial profiling and hinder trade, tourism and the fight against drug trafficking. the arizona law is scheduled to take effect july 29th. >>> as for the weather here at home everything a warm weekend but a bit of a cooldown as we turn to bill martin. you say that's pretty typical this time of year. temperatures, a little cooler. we're going th
in the u.s. navy and served in the persian war before retiring from the service. >> he's a very quiet and nice guy. all i know is just go to work, home, work, home. >> reporter: those who knew mariano say they can't think of a reason why anyone would want to kill him. the shooting comes five days after another shooting in downtown oakland. there does not appear to be any connection between that shooting and this morning's. >> there's no evidence, no witnesses suggesting this case could be suggested. on the first case, there was a robbery that went bad. >> reporter: the city is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this morning's shooting. police are asking anyone with any information to please give them a call. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an investigation is on the way this evening into the cause of a large fire early this morning that seriously damaged a house under construction in the oakland hills. it was reported just after 1:00 this morning on skyline boulevard by the time firefighters arrived, the house was eng
ceremony in washington, d.c. musk music. >>> the four star general served as the top commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan [ inaudible ] . >> because of the few decisions that he made on the battlefield but he cherished his life as a soldier. he was forced to resign his post in afghanistan last month after making disparaging remarks about the obama administration in a magazine article. >>> in a sign of economic recovery, ford today reported a big surge in second quarter revenue and profit. the automaker said its sales from april 1st to june 30th were up $4 billion from the year before and the profits surged 13%. in california auto dealers reported today that new car sales overall jumped 23 percent in the first half of this year with the biggest gains coming in just the past three months. wall street responded to those car sales numbers finishing an up week with a winning day. the dow gained 102 appoint, the nasdaq 23. word that major european banks passed the financial stress test and a rise in the euro also boosted the confidence in the global economy. >>> someone has cut down or d
controversial immigration law goes into effect, a u.s. district judge has issued a ruling, applauded by the obama administration temporarily blocking the most contentious provision of the new law. arizona governor jan brewer, who signed the law in april, said the preliminary injunction will be appealed. >> it's a little bump in the road. we knew one side or the other was going to appeal. this begins the process. >> reporter: in her decision, judge sue soon bolton blocked a decision allowing local police officers to check the immigration status for those whom they have stopped. the u.s. justice department responded in a statement saying -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: "to seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement." arizona attorney general terry goddard who opposed the law says wednesday's decision puts more pressure on the federal government. >> it seems to me that the federal government has an obligation to fix our broken immigration system. >> reporter: the rest of the immigration law goes into effect on thursday. in washington, i'm samantha hayes. >> and today's de
,000 locations all over america. >>> secretary clinton is in pakistan announcing a massive new u.s. aid program. she's unveiling a five-year, $7.5 billion package that will focus on water, energy and health projects. >>> 7:5. we're following the -- 7:15. we're following a reaction to the split in the tea party movement. that's after a conservative commentator was expelled from the organization because of a controversial blog post. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the national tea party federation has cut teas with one of the most prominent and vocal tv commentators. mark billions wrote a letter that he called from colored -- mark williams wrote a letter that he called and the tea party says they need to do more. >> they have to act responsibility and keep doing what they did to mark williams. >> reporter: the tea party movement is trying to gain momentum heading into november's elections and that means distancing itself from what it calls fringe elements of the party. as for williams, he seems to be rejecting his ouster. he s
first detected in 1960. ddt was once considered safe and in this archived footage from u.s. government, ddt can be seen widely sprayed on agricultural fields to kill pest and even directly on pep. today it's a known carcinogen. the site was cleaned up, removing 100,000 cubic yards of soil highly contaminated by the pesticide. immediate test result shows that it worked. >> a year later, when we came back to do yearly monitoring, unfortunately, the level went back up. now the superfund site is scheduled to be cleaned up again, but not until 2015. while that location in the inner richmond harbor is highly contaminated, the epa says it's also somewhat isolate and says there is no indication that ddt there is make its way out tot bay. but birds and fish that move in and out of the inner richmond harbor are exposed and until a second clean-up is completed, fishermen are advised to avoid the area. >> they don't break down in the environment. they build up in fish and then they build up in humans are. >> he is with contra costa health services that posted signs,sips that often go ignored. o
washington. the u.s. had requested switzerland extradite roman polanski. the los angeles courts say no, and that was a key factor in switzerland not approving the extradition. >>> a mistake nearly caused an east bay couple its lives. the warning sign of this devastating lifestyle. >>> that's what you are going to stab me now? and then i heard her scream. >>> friends describe the terrifying moments that unfolded in a south bay apartment complex as a feud turns fatal. san jose police are investigating the attacks by a man who neighbors say stabbed one woman and then fatally shot another. ktvu's robert handa is live now at that apartment complex with the very latest on this story for us, robert. >> reporter: healther, there are still a lot of questions remaining about this stabbing and shooting incident that took place at this san jose apartment complex last night including the motive. but many residents call the suspect a walking time bomb and some neighbors say they saw him go off. >> i saw a man stab a lady, then turn and shoot another lady. >> reporter: residents at the apartment comp
years ago this was the site of what remains to this day the largest oil spill in u.s. history. we are in kern county, california, the heart of the state's oil country. in march of 1910 the oil was still in its infancies. they were drilling on this site and this they reached a depth of more than 2200 feet they hit what would come to be known as the lake view gusher. >> the well blew out and this crater you see around here. >> reporter: bruce helm's family has been in the oil industry for three decades. >> no blow-out preventers or nothing. when it came you had to run for your life. record are here at the museum there is a replica of the wooden oil derrick they used a decade ago. this is more than 100 feet high. but the oil was spewing more than 200 feet into the air. in fact, locals say on a calm day you could see black columns of oil mist one-half mile in the sky. back on the ground, you can still see remnants of the lake view gusher today. the oil turned the soil here basically into asphalt. at its peak, the lake view gusher spewed out 100,000- barrels of oil per day. that's more
more doubts about the war and prompt questions about u.s. stability to protect military secrets. there's also concern the documents could compromise information -- >> while i'm concerned about the disclosure of sensitive information from the battlefield that could potentially jeopardize individuals or operations, the fact is these documents don't reveal any issues that haven't already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> the documents range from files on afghan civilian deaths to evidence of u.s./pakistani distrust including accusations that the pakistan intelligence agency is secretly assisting the taliban. >>> still ahead, a fight over windmills in a bay area city. and the bay area city is concerned about what may be going on at massage parlors. >>> steve paulson has the bay area forecast just ahead. >>> also -- >> reporter: and the first first smart parking meters are installed. >>> according to police, it started with an argument. one guy got stabbed three times. people in the group fled. officers are trying to identify them through muni surveillance videos. >>> high-tech
in the pool. at least 44 people were at the pool at the time. >>> u.s.a. swimming the governing body says that it is investigating more coaches for sexual conduct. smith filed suit in a san jose courtroom. she claims she was molested by her swimming coach from the age of 11 to 15. u.s.a. swimming has banned 46 coaches for life. most of those for sexual misconduct. the organization now says it will determine whether to suspend another group of coaches at its national convention in september. >>> tonight the city of belmont will consider a moratorium on massage parlors due to concerns of prostitution. the city attorney says these schools are a condowit for sex workers. along with the moratorium, the council will consider rechecking the massage parlors now open. >>>-- oakland residents we spoke with said they have mixed feelings about the ballot measure which need a 2/3 vote to pass. >> i'm kind of waiverring. >> difficult, that would be difficult. but at the same time, i truly support oakland police officers. >> i'm propolice and proprotecting the people, but i'm not progouging. >> city co
. he arrived yesterday. he is a nuclear scientist who claims the u.s. kidnapped him. the u.s. claims he was a willing defector, the mothers of the american hikers sent a letter to iran's top legal official pleading that their children be set free before the first anniversary of their capture at the end of this month. >> hundreds of nurses marched through atthere ton in a protest targeting meg whitman. [ chanting ] >> the nurses protested outside her home yesterday. the union, which has endorsed democrat jerry brown, says whitman's announced plans to layoff 40,000 state workers and streamline labor rules would end up effecting nurses as well but not all nurses agree. >> this is a mean-spirited woman, there is no question about that, and nurses take care of the most vulnerable and what she is doing is going after the most vulnerable. i think it is unfair to target her. she is saying the whole state. and our state needs to cut back. >> she was campaigning in southern california. >> sal, what is happening in marin county. >> we are just checking it for you -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaud
the u.s. kidnapped him. the u.s. claims he was a willing defector, the mothers sent a letter pleading their children be set free before the first anniversary of their capture at the end of this month. >> hundreds of nurses marched threw the usually quiet town in a protest targeting meg whitman. >>> the nurses protested outside her home yesterday. the nurse's union, which has endorsed democrat jerry brown says whitman's plans to layoff 40,000 state workers and streamline labor rules would end up effecting nurses as well but not all nurses agree. >> well, i mean this is a mean- spirited woman. there is no question about that, and the nurses, the nurses take care of the most vulnerable and what she is doing is going after the most vulnerable. >> i think it is very unfair to target meg white man because she says 40,000 jobs will be lost, she means the whole state. she is not saying nurses and our state needs to cut back spending. >> whitman wasn't home during the protest. she was campaigning in southern california. >> 5:16. the morning starting on a -- early on a friday sal. i know you ar
is unacceptable. >> reporter: a shooting at the u.s. holocaust memorial in washington, d.c., vandalism on the holocaust memorial in san francisco. according to the anti defamation league they are just two of the 1,111 anti-semitic incidents in 2009. california led the nation with 275 incidents last year. new york, new jersey and florida followed. >> we've had anti-semitic things sprayed on the congregation on the building itself. >> reporter: rabbi steven pierce is talking about the temple emmanuel. the high number of incidents in california could be attributed to the economy. when times are tough he says, people look for someone to blame. >> anti semitism is a perennial problem. it is 2,000 years old. it is always something that gets stoked by hatred. people that need to blame somebody, jews are a convenient target because they are very visible. very high profile in the city. >> reporter: via grash the director of the anti-semitic league. says it's all about education. more and more education at home and in the schools. reporting live here in san francisco, mike mibach. ktvu channel
spills in u.s. history. bp says it is preparing to permanently seal the blown out well by pumping mud and cement into a relief well that has been drilled. officials hope to complete the operation called static kill by monday. federal officials stressed to that the response is far from over. national commander admiral allan is in louisiana meeting with parish presidents to address their concerns about the cleanup, fisheries restoration and financial restitution. >>> a new poll released just an hour ago release californians have reeked strongly to that massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. only 36% of those surveyed by the public institute said they support more drilling off the california coast. 59% are opposed to new drilling. that opposition has jumped 16% since the bp oil disaster. on a separate energy issue, the ppic poll found the majority of californians do not support construction of new nuclear power plants. 44% support the building of new plants. 49% oppose them. the issue is partisan. most republicans support nuclear power while most democrats opposing it. we have also bee
a major scourge of the world. >> mallash was declared eradicateiated from the u.s. in the 1950 as, but there are still about 1500 cases reported annually. disease kills almost a million people each year worldwide. >>> starting with tomorrow morning's commute, carpoolers won't be able to pay crash to cross the gilbert golden gate bridge. now carpoolers must have fastrak. >>> a new report suggests world war ii era bomb could be buried in point reyes seashore. army corps of engineer say there may be bomb and other debris and there is a slight chance that they pose a danger to poke people. a dispute between the corps and federated indians have stalled an investigation. the corps says it would be too expensive to conduct a detailed archaeological study, but without the tribe's permission the corps cannot conduct soil tests. the tribe says it plans to meet with the corps and park service to discuss the issue later this month. >>> federal oofficials say scientists are worried about leaking oil and possible methane gas in the gulf of mexico. meanwhiler, they are hoping to keep pressure on
the furloughs are necessary to prevent the state from having to issue i.o.u.s, but some are complaining that the state workers are being used as political pawns. many of the workers will not have to take the days. many are exempt including the union workers. now, we have more information on the state budget on our website. >>> military investigators are trying to determine what caused a cargo plane crash at an air force base in alaska. authorities say the plane crashed shortly after 6:00 last night while training for an up coming air show. officials have not yet said if there were any survivors. >>> today, in the gulf of mexico, the talk is turning now for plans to move ahead after the broken oil well is permanently sealed. bp said it hopes to finish the operation by monday. that's an attempt to seal the well by pouring in cement and mud. then, the relief well should be ready seven days afr that. today, that had allen will -- thad allen will meet with the parrish leaders. now they are also dealing with this, an oil spill in michigan. federal officials estimate more than 1 million-gallon
was pronounced dead at the scene. he's a reservist with the u.s. military. the neighbors say they didn't know the victim's name but he was nice and said hello in passing. but the seemingly nature of what happened has made them think about one issue. >> yeah, safety issues. i have a kid. we stay here. it's not enough patrol out here. >> the coroner's office collected the body around 5:00 a.m. police say they don't are a motive but wouldn't talk about what kind of shell casing they found there. there's little squares there. police usually use those to mark where the bullets are. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:05. oakland firefighters are investigating a large indoor marijuana operation right now at the scene of a residential house fire. the fire started shortly after 5:00 a.m. at a home on telegraph avenue on 33rd street. firefighters say the back side of the home caught fire. when they went inside, they found the entire third floor filled with pot plants. they did not find any people inside, just one dog. we'll have a live report coming up on "mornings on 2". >>> and this morning, fir
chill like this because it's not quite as intense. >> good stuff. thank you, bill. >>> u.s. taxpayers are helping to foot the will for mexico's war on drugs. how are the millions being spent and who is winning the war? that's coming up next. >>> san francisco is a great place to be a vegetarian. that's the word from peta. they ranked san francisco 11th on the list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly cities. washington, d.c. came on top, followed by port, oregon, albuquerque, atlanta, seattle and vancouver. in april, san francisco passed a resolution for meatless mondays. >>> a new government report is out today and it's raising red flags about the money we're sending to mexico and central america to help fight the war op drugs. the u.s. has promised to send $1.6 billion under something called the mireeta initiative. as carol han explains, lawmakers are worried that money is not being spent wisely. >> reporter: the idea behind this initiative is to help mexico and central america to fight the war, they would send 1.6 billion to the u.s., money to buy heightened equipment, armored cars and
. in about three hours local u.s. house leaders including nancy pelosi announce a wide range of new legislation to respond to the oil spill but also to crack down harder on big oil, bp includes, perhaps bp in particular. meantime, that man is planning to take over october 1st, the new ceo of bp will be robert dudley of mississippi. the obama administration's point man on this disaster is already being asked about dudley. >> i talk about dudley when i need to any hour of the day or night and i have woke him up on several occasions and from time to time he has woken me up as well. >> reporter: tony hayward's removal didn't quiet critics at the white house either. when asked about this transfer of power they said bp cannot leave the gulf without meeting its responsibility to plug the well and clean up the damage. a lot of movement here today about bp. live in washington, scott mcfarlane ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:14. well, the obama administration wants to push the -- wants to allow the bush administration tax cuts for people earning more than $200,000 to expire in january. the obama ad
are also following international breaking news this morning. the u.s. embassy in paris says two of its employees are having medical tests now after they handled a suspicious letter. investigators say they were employees in the mailroom who identified the letter and then french authorities were called in to examine it. paris people say the two people say they just don't feel well but it is not clear if they are seriously ill or not. >>> in overnight news three u.s. troops died in explosions in afghanistan and that makes that the deadliest month for american forces in the nine year afghan war. at least 63 american service people died in the month of july. nato says the three latest casualties were killed in spray separate blasts in southern afghanistan. the commanders had previously warned the number of deaths could go up as the military increases its war on the taliban. >>> in the meantime the fbi says it may know who was involved in leaking more than 90,000 pages of classified documents on the war in afghanistan. that showed up on the wikileaks websites -- [ inaudible ] >> -- the chair
disaster in u.s. history. the news was greeted with excitement but bp remains cautiously optimistic. >> i have to stress, we have to manage our expectation, depending on what the results are could depend on what happens next. >> i think it's fantastic, probably the best news we've had in the gulf coast since the bill back from katrina. >> engineers will spend the next several hours inspecting the well. >>> and ktvu's john fowler is live in berkeley. >> reporter: i'm at the popular sea salt restaurant in berkeley known for it's sustainable seafood. 45% of americans unwilling to eat gulf seafood, with the oil stopped, and an industry on the bubble, the government is eager to convince people that worry is unfounded. >> the real suffering is yet to come financially for fishermen. if we stop buying prematurely, it compounds everything. >> reporter: seafood is thighly regulated. the first sign of defense is a specially trained people take the seafood and smell it for the aroma. but scientists say there's a better way. scientists were doing tests. selected by the government. this is their first
to give up its nuclear weapons program. gates called the visit a sign of the u.s. commitment to south korea's security. >>> in china officials say more than 1,000 people are dead or missing following severe flooding triggereof record rain. the floodwaters have destroyed 645,000 homes. and forecasters say the worst may still be ahead during this typhoon season. in being fact another tropical storm is expected to hit southern china this weekend. >>> and on australia's gold coast the crew of the plasticky relaxed today after a four month 8,000-mile voyage from the bay area. it is made in part from 12,000 plastic bottles. it is part of a project to draw attention to the amount of plastic waist in oceans around the world. the crew plans to push on to sydney this weekend. >>> two sailors have survived a close encounter with a whale that leaped out of the ocean and crashed into their boat. well, the sailors say that the 40-ton whale kept surfacing, take a look at this, and suddenly crashed into their yacht just outside of capetown bay, south africa. the whale landed on the boat's desk breaki
administration has not aggressively pursued that case. it is now a matter of contention between the u.s. civil rights commission and then, of course, you have the argument over whether or not the bush administration politicized justice with the firing of the u.s. attorneys that past week, the obama administration made a decision not to go forward in terms of prosecuting anybody in that case. then you have immigration which is a big racial issue and racial hot button in this country right now. >> chris: that is one they pushed. >> both sides are playing that issue to stay their base as we approach the fall election. and then the naed acp and the tea party. the tea party holding up signs, aggressively condemning president obama without much sensitivity and at times crossing the line and then the naacp calling them out and saying they have to renounce racist elements in their mix and then andrew brightbart saying here is evidence of the naacp to show that the naacp has racists in its ranks. what you have is everybody playing the race card for their own -- i mean including the agriculture departme
crashed at the capital killing all 152 people on board. the u.s. embassy says two americans were on board. the cause of the crash is not immediately clear. terrorism is not suspected. the plane was trying to land during cloudy and rainy weather. >>> the board of supervisor wrapped up month of heated debate over several proposals. this plan is expected to add more than 10,000 housing units as well as retail and commercial space. the pro-jeblght will mean -- project will mean as many as 25,000 jobs. >>> funding for the preservation of the historic hanger one is going to congress. the house subcommittee approved $10 million in funding. that is the full amount requested by representative from palo alto and it includes funding for the toxic siding. the bill must survive requests by the house and the senate. >>> hundreds of families are lining up in san jose today to register for a free backpack filled with school supplies. the line outside is long. the organizers are hoping to register about 1600 children, but they could get more registrations so they are asking for more donations. if you want
somerville >> and i'm julie haener. >> the u.s. defense department says that a roadside bomb in afghanistan has killed a 21- year-old soldier from napa. army specialist chase stanley graduated from napa soldier. he was among four soldiers who died in wednesday's explosion. ktvu's amber lee has the story. >> reporter: friends tell us that chase stanley enlisted in the army while he was a senior here at napa high. he left for the military four years ago and was due to be discharmed this summer. >> he was deployed in 2007. >> he remembers his goal of joining the army part of his adventurous spirit and recklessness. >> you know, he was an amazing kid. you put in front of him and he had to get up in three seconds and do something. >> reporter: he had already served 15 months in iraq when he was deployed to afghanistan in december after the army extended his tour. friends say that stanley was ready to come home but was willing to do more to serve his country. >> that's something that he thought was courageous and a man should do. that's something that called to him >> reporter: the department of
along the u.s.- mexico border. authorities say the drug cartel had recently moved some of its operations to san diego where 27 people were arrested. others charged include current and former mexican law enforcement officials. >> this rico conspiracy involves both state and fed criminal violations, some of the worst on the books, murders, kidnappings, robberies, drug trafficking and money laundering. >> the rico act allows for harsher punishment. >> down 60 police officers. we'll show you how oakland residents are working to keep their streets safe. >> and words of warning, those of you who grow grapes, what people are being asked to do to their vineyards. >> the people affected by the bp disaster remain upset. >>> two 13-year-olds were shot. patty lee reports. >> up and down and to the -- back to the wallet. >> reporter: in east oakland, more than 100 boys took an al day crash course on how to man up. >> when you were younger and just realizing what you wanted to do. >> reporter: the man up conference was organized by hundred black men. it's designed to help kids who lack adult role mode
. it happened this morning at u.s. forest service land near the county line separating mendecino and akima county. one man was killed the other escaped. mendecino county authorities say they are finding unusually large amounts of marijuana this year. >>> and warships powered across the water on day two of joint u.s. south korean military exercises. one group practiced live fire training on an abandoned submarine. china responded today with a rocket drill. today is the 57th anniversary of the truce that ended the korean war. >>> in mexico, newspapers published a picture today proported to be of a missing presidential candidate. the man is blindfolded and holding up a newspaper with the date of his kidnapping. >>> in brazil, a truck raid ended abruptly after one driver lost control. his truck plowed over the other one tearing both of them apart. the tire lost its tire and landed on it roof. one of the drivers did need help climbing out of the twisted wreckage. >>> could three life guards on duty have done more to save a child. the death of a 6-year-old boy at a bay area swimming more. >>> an
, mostly watching for signal from the u.s. economy. overnight, the nikkei jumped and china's bank announced that its economy is unlikely to suffer from a double dip recession. >>> checking in on the numbers, here in the u.s., quite a few earnings reports coming in and a lot of them are not good. sprint, nextel did report an increase in subscribers, we'll have a better indication as we get closer to the opening bell. >>> chevrolet says the new car will have a price of $41,000, but the car qualified for $7100 federal tax dollars gm says it will offer a lease. the first cars are expected to hit the road in california and five other states by the end of this year. >>> well, residents in san mateo county, you will now be allowed to keep small flocks of poultry in our backyard. >>> 5:21 is the time right now. you are aware of texting while walking, the dangers of walking while listening to your ipod. up next, more on sun glass. >>> also, the issues about the health and safety of beach water. >>> and it's a clear view here of the grade as we head down to the south bay. we will have a look at the w
be separated. >> reporter: demonstrators are protesting the arizona law and the program now in use in many u.s. cities including san francisco. it gives federal immigration agents access to a state data base of fingerprints taking at county jail. making it easy to find undocumented immigrants. >> we are here to protest those laws that target individuals. >> if we get notified of level two or three offenders that are in jail we're still going to do our job and check them out and if so put them in proceedings or remove them. >> reporter: many protesters told us illegal immigrants are hard workers who deserve the chance to live here legally. this man brought his sons so they can see their roots. >> when my mother came, she was like everybody else. she finally got her paper and luckily i was born here. >> reporter: the protest was large but peaceful. reporting live in san francisco's mission district, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> our coverage turns to mike mibach with the other side of this issue. >> reporter: the other side was quite clear, timeto put the politics to the side and secure th
,000 locations across the u.s. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan today to announce a massive new u.s. aid program. secretary clinton is unveiling a five year $7.5 billion package to pakistan that will focus on water, energy and health projects. the new aid to pakistan is designed to combat antiamerican sentiments there. >> time now 6:17. the california democratic party will stay neutral on the state's proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana any california. the proposition, if it is approved by voters, would allow adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use and allow governments to regulate and tax it. california already allows medical more a want a use. >>> tomorrow the oakland city council will consider licensing four marijuana production plants where pot would be grown, packaged and processed for several purposes, from body oil to baked goods. however, california's medical marijuana growers say this idea could drive them out of business. if it is approved the marijuana production plants would have to pay more than $200,000 in annual permit fees, t
across the u.s. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan today to announce a massive new u.s. aid program. secretary clinton is unveiling a five year, $7.5 billion package to pakistan that will focus on water, energy and health projects. the new aid to pakistan is aimed at combating antiamerican sentiments there. >> 5:15. the california democratic party says it will stay neutral on proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in california. if voters approve it in november adults will be allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use and also allow governments to regulate and tax it. california already allows medical marijuana. >>> tomorrow the oakland city council will consider licensing four marijuana production plants where pot would be grown, packaged and processed for several purposes, from body oil to baked goods. however, california's medical marijuana growers say this idea could drive them out of business, if it is approved the plants would have to pay more than $200,000 in annual permit fees. they would have to carry $2 million in liability insura
here. >>> more than a thousand national guard troops have an assignment tonight to secure the u.s./mexico border. >>> state officials plan to create a detailed map of the california coast to help prevent mistakes bike the -- laker the crumbling cliff in pacifica. >>> emotion experts said the ocean is claiming more and more of our coast. and to save it, we need better pictures. from the top of pacifica's bluff and from below, crews today continued the battle against the drum belling cliffs. but one look at this. it's clear to anyone there should have been better planning. >> it's no good. wasn't any good to begin with. is. >> 3-d images of all 1200 miles of california's coast including the entire bay area was so detailed, you might make out footprints in the sand. >> we're gonna have some major solution things people can look at. >> this is gonna combine unprecedent the detail. >> that kind of resolution will allow it do a much better job looking at climate change. >> engineers say they need the data to design tomorrow's coastal protection. >> so behave a few decades to develop a b
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